The Tree Trimming Service You Need for Healthier Trees!

Do you have trees in your backyard that need to be trimmed? Don’t know how to trim them at all? Don’t know what trimming techniques to use? For the successful trimming of your trees, consider booking a tree trimming service from a professional such as Tree Services by Flaherty. We can trim the trees on your property in McKees Rocks, PA using the right tools and techniques. With our help, you’ll have healthier and more presentable trees in your front yard.

When Trimming Trees

You need to know how to trim the trees on your property because you could end up causing damage to them. If you don’t trim the trees enough, it could cause the tree to slowly die. This is because infections could already be spreading to the other parts of the tree and to avoid this, you must trim these infected branches immediately. The branches could also break off if they weren’t trimmed sooner. If you want the trees to look nice and neat, and if you want healthier trees overall, consider hiring a professional like us and we’ll have your trees trimmed to perfection!

We Can Trim the Trees for You!

Our tree trimming work makes use of the three-cut method so we can correctly trim the branches on the trees. This ensures that the weight of the branch won’t cause a huge wound on the trunk of the tree. We’ll be using a saw to trim the branches on the same level so that they will fall towards the ground. However, we may also use other trimming tools such as a pole pruner or lopper to cut off branches that are growing at an angle or if they are a bit far away to be reached with shears or saws. Rest assured that with our trimming skills, you’ll have healthier and neater trees in no time!

Tree Services by Flaherty provides the tree trimming service you need so that you can have healthier and more presentable trees. Do you need help trimming the trees on your property in McKees Rocks, PA? If so, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (412) 226-6370 today so we can start with the trimming job right away!

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